Proven technology
and good communication
are key to success

About us

Good communication

We believe that the basis in the creation and development of systems is good communication, technology as a tool is less important.

We have developed a process with Partners for building teams based not only on technical skills, but also on soft skills. Our good language skills and transparent approach to communication make our Partners feel comfortable and secure.

We are building Polish-German IT teams. Which develop systems in various technologies including Java, Spring, Angular, AWS. We have been doing this for 15 years.


Cooperation models


We analyze, plan and execute the work. You don't have to worry about project or team management.


We will build a competent team that will achieve the planned goal under your leadership.


Our specialists will join your team and fill in the missing competencies for the task.

We are building Polish-German teams that are more than an IT service.

Marek Bugiel — AWSM Systems CEO


We proudly work
for the best

Since the beginning, we have been implementing the projects of our foreign partners with great dedication.

Our relationships are based on solid work, efficient communication and accountability. Experience shows that these are solid foundations that can weather industry storms and global crises.

We are proud and grateful to work for prestigious clients and support them in achieving their goals.


A strong team
doesn't have to be big

  • Each team member speaks 3 languages professionally
  • The average amount of work experience of the team is 6 years
  • Each team member regularly trains soft skills

People are company

Together we are building the future of our company, so it is especially important to us that all our employees have a say in the decisions we make. We help fulfill professional dreams and develop further career paths.

Any personal involvement in the company is appreciated and is reflected in its operation. With us you can achieve success and have an impact on the development of the project and the organization.


Business relationships

Close relationships with Partners are very important to us. To ensure the success of the project, we meet with our Partners in person to discuss the progress of the project, a thorough understanding of the terms of use of the software.